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  • WEC Energy Group
    Barbara L. Bowles

    Barbara L. Bowles

    Retired Vice Chair, Profit Investment Management
    Retired Chairman, The Kenwood Group Inc.

    As founder, CEO and retired chairman of The Kenwood Group Inc., a Chicago-based investment advisory firm that managed pension funds for corporations, public institutions and endowments, Bowles, who is a chartered financial analyst, brings over 20 years of investment advisory experience to our board of directors. Having also served as a portfolio manager and utility analyst for more than 10 years, and as a chief investor relations officer for two Fortune 50 companies, she contributes valuable perspective as to what issues matter to large investors. In the role of chief compliance officer of Profit Investment Management, Bowles gained a deep understanding of corporate governance issues and concerns, experience she applies to her positions as chair of WEC Energy Group's Corporate Governance Committee and independent presiding director. She also contributes valuable risk management and financial reporting insights as a member of the Audit and Oversight Committee, expertise she developed from current and past service as a director on the boards of several other public companies where she has served on the audit and finance committees. With utility subsidiaries located in Chicago, the board of directors also benefits from the economic and political perspectives Bowles provides as a result of her involvement in several important nonprofit organizations in Chicago.