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  • WEC Energy Group
    Albert J. Budney Jr.

    Albert J. Budney Jr.

    Retired President and Director, Niagara Mohawk Holdings Inc.

    With over 40 years of utility experience in senior leadership positions, Budney brings to our board of directors extensive knowledge in managing the operations of a utility company and the complexities that arise from operating in a highly regulated industry. He has acquired considerable board experience in utility industry mergers and acquisitions, having served as a director of Niagara Mohawk Holdings when it was acquired by National Grid and of Integrys Energy Group when it was acquired by WEC Energy Group. Budney brings to the board knowledge of environmental issues that he gained as president of Niagara Mohawk Holdings while supervising the vice president of environmental affairs. This provided Budney with experience he applied as a founding member of the Environmental Committee of the board at Integrys Energy Group prior to its acquisition by WEC Energy Group. Having also served as the chair of the Corporate Governance Committee and lead director of Integrys Energy Group, Budney’s broad knowledge in governance, corporate management and strategic planning matters are very valuable to the board in carrying out its oversight in these areas.