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  • WEC Energy Group
    Patricia W. Chadwick

    Patricia W. Chadwick

    President, Ravengate Partners LLC
    Director of AMICA Mutual Insurance Co., VOYA Mutual Funds, and The Royce Funds

    Chadwick, who is a chartered financial analyst, brings to our board of directors extensive investment management expertise gained from more than 30 years of experience as an investment professional, portfolio manager or principal. As founder and president of Ravengate Partners, a firm that has been educating and advising businesses and not-for-profit institutions about the financial markets and global macro economy since 1999, Chadwick's insights into the investment industry’s perspectives is valuable to the board’s financial planning and strategy discussions. Her knowledge of capital markets is particularly helpful to WEC Energy Group and its subsidiaries, which operate in a capital intensive industry and consistently access the capital markets. Chadwick serves as a director and committee member on the boards of two registered investment companies, Voya Mutual Funds and The Royce Funds, through which she has developed extensive governance experience with respect to audit oversight and financial reporting. As a board director and Finance Committee member of AMICA Mutual Insurance Co., she has gained a deep understanding of insurance risk management and oversight matters, which she applies to her role on the WEC Energy Group Finance Committee.