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  • WEC Energy Group
    Curt S. Culver

    Curt S. Culver

    Non-executive Chairman, MGIC Investment Corp.
    Non-executive Chairman, Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp.
    Director of MGIC Investment Corp.

    Having served for 15 years as the CEO of Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp. and its parent company, MGIC Investment Corp., Culver brings to our board of directors a strong working knowledge of the strategic, economic and public policy issues facing a large, regulated, publicly held company headquartered in Milwaukee. His expertise in risk management and oversight is particularly valuable in his service as chair of the Finance Committee, while his insurance industry experience puts him in a position to lead the committee’s evaluation of the company's overall risk management program. Culver's broad corporate governance experience, developed from his extensive past and present service on the MGIC boards, as well as those of several highly visible Milwaukee-area nonprofit entities and two private for-profit organizations, is of great value to the board as it carries out its oversight responsibilities.