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  • WEC Energy Group
    William M. Farrow III

    William M. Farrow III

    Chairman, chief executive officer and owner, Winston and Wolfe LLC
    Director, Cboe Global Markets Inc. and Echo Global Logistics Inc.

    Farrow brings to our board of directors 40 years of senior leadership experience in managing business operations, technology development, enterprise risk and strategy. His extensive professional experience in the banking and financial markets, accompanied by knowledge acquired from his service on the boards of CBOE Global Markets and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, enables him to add significant value to the board’s oversight of the company’s financial management strategy. His firsthand experience and perspectives in addressing advances in information technology, as well as the experience he has gained as a current board member on the audit committees of both CBOE Global Markets and Echo Global Logistics, is particularly valuable to the board as WEC Energy Group companies address complex risks, including those associated with protecting operating systems and assets against physical and cyber threats. Having spent his career in Chicago, Farrow also is able to provide the board with economic and public policy insight as it relates to conducting business in Chicago, which is further enhanced by the strong relationships he has developed with key leaders while serving on the boards of several highly visible Chicago-area private, not-for-profit and community organizations. This is especially important given the sizable, long-term construction project that is underway by the company’s Chicago utility subsidiary to modernize the natural gas infrastructure in the city, which requires ongoing collaboration with city and state government officials and regulatory agencies.