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    WEC Public Service Building

    WEC Infrastructure

    WEC InfrastructureWEC Infrastructure holds ownership interests in wind generating facilities that have long-term off take agreements for the approximate 1,000 megawatts (MW) of energy they are capable of producing. With a total investment of approximately $1.4 billion, WEC Infrastructure has majority interests in five wind farms that provide carbon-free energy to companies outside of WEC Energy Group’s electric companies.

    Wind farms

    • Bishop Hill Energy III, Henry County, Illinois
      132 MW (90% interest) — off take to WPPI Energy
    • Blooming Grove Wind Farm, McClean County, Illinois
      250 MW (90% interest) — under construction — off take to two multinational companies
    • Coyote Ridge Wind Farm, Brookings County, South Dakota
      97 MW (80% interest) — under construction — off take to Google Energy
    • Thunderhead Wind Energy Center, Antelope and Wheeler counties, Nebraska
      300 MW (90% interest) — under construction — off take to AT&T
    • Upstream Wind Energy Center, Antelope County, Nebraska
      202 MW (90% interest) — off take to Allianz SE affiliate