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    IT Internship

    Assignments in the following areas are full-time during the summer and may include part-time opportunities during the school year.

    Application support

    • Automate tasks through script modification and development
    • Develop new software solutions or enhancements using a variety of development tools
    • Perform testing and deployment of both internally developed and purchased software
    • Work directly with clients to perform business analysis and day-to-day technical support
    • Participate in project management, portfolio management and preparation of documentation

    Asset management

    • Assist with software compliance through vendor software audits and license reviews
    • Support processes that manage and track information technology (IT) assets
    • Update, develop and document new IT asset management processes
    • Analyze and evaluate the performance of IT asset management functions using IT asset management tools and data

    Software packaging and distribution

    • Install, test, package and deploy software to clients
    • Perform software updates to maintain a secure computing environment
    • Maintain and upgrade client and server components of applications used for software packaging and distribution
    • Perform daytime on-call client support and other duties


    • Plan, design, install and test security solutions, including anti-virus software, intrusion detection systems, identity and access management systems, and network access control systems
    • Automate processes through scripting and application development
    • Perform security compliance audits

    Desktop operations

    • Perform hardware lifecycle project planning, scheduling, deployment, client support and asset inventory reconciliation
    • Troubleshoot and resolve software problems related to client computing devices and peripherals
    • Research, test, document and implement solutions based on standardized practices and methods
    • Limited travel to various company sites in southeast Wisconsin may be required

    Server and storage operational support

    Install, maintain and test enterprise data center technologies, including:

    • Physical and virtualized Windows, UNIX and Linux servers
    • Storage area networks (SAN)
    • Network attached storage (NAS)
    • Data backup and recovery

    Telecom operations

    • Plan, design, install, troubleshoot and monitor data, voice and private radio networks
    • Support and prepare documentation for IP telephony, IP networking, microwave, mobile voice, mobile data and multi-address radio systems
    • Limited travel to various company sites in southeast Wisconsin may be required
    • Participate in telecommunications project management, vendor relations and client communications

    “Through my internship, I was able to apply my appreciation and passion for IT to initiatives that support critical processes and functions. I was given the opportunity to join the application support team and participate in an ongoing companywide software upgrade. That process taught me the importance of stakeholders, deadlines, communication and client needs. I was treated as a team member — not merely an intern. This internship allowed me the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.”
    — Scott S., senior IT application consultant and former We Energies summer